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  • Aloe Fresh Dental Cream 100gm

Aloe Vera (10%) - Sathi (Kapur-Kachari)-100% Vegetarian

  1. Denture and gum sores. 
  2. Gingivitis Mouth Ulcers. 
  3. Enhance defence mechanisms. 
  4. It has a variety of natural ingredients to help combat periodontal disease and mouth dryness.
  5. Most toothpaste have harsh abrasives that grind away the enamel on the teeth, but this Dental Creams cleans and polishes but does not grinds away the enamel.
  6. A refreshing Aloe Fresh Dental Cream (Tooth paste) that uses an abundance of 100% pure Aloe Vera gel and Sathi (Kapur-Kachari) which help maintain good oral health. Get the naturally fresh. feeling every time you brush your teeth with Aloe Fresh Dental Cream.

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Aloe Fresh Dental Cream 100gm

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